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Custom Wall Murals

Tri-Star Construction asked our street artists to help with wall murals for the entrance and 6 lift lobby's in one of their student residence developments.

Several abstract murals requested within this student residence in Pretoria, South Africa.

The entrance reception received a custom mural wrapping from behind the security desk, through the security doors, and up onto the first floor lift waiting area.

From there we painted an abstract mural on each of the lift waiting area's, up to the 7th floor.

Unity Murals Team
This is the entrance foyer mural combined with the first for lift lobby. As you can see, this mural wraps behind the security desk as well.
abstract mural art, interior design wall decor
There are 6 lift lobbies in total, each with waiting area's that we painted a mural in.
This is another of the 6 lift lobbies.

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