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Sweetooth, TIA & NineOne Designs has become...

Unity Murals

graffiti artists in South Africa & The Netherlands

About Unity Murals

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Parkhurst Recreation Centre

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Street Art Mural Giraffe

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About Unity Murals

We are Street artists and Graffiti artists specializing in custom wall murals per your requests.

We love medium to large scale graffiti and street art mural projects, indoors or outdoors.

We are an international team of Graffiti artists and Street artists based in South Africa and in The Netherlands. Our clients cross all industries, check our portfolio for your self.

Using distinguishable and engaging wall mural paintings have successfully assisted a wide range of clients in recreating their uninspired areas.

Many people find our process interesting to watch, so we do live painting for events, as well as graphic recording or graphic facilitation for strategy sessions, meetings or functions.
"A picture speaks a thousands words", and it is a very captivating and memorable way to distinguish important presentations and proposals.
We also offer team building graffiti workshops where teams enter a collaborative art-making experience helping them break the ice or strengthen cooperative relationships.

With over 15 years of hands-on experience we have built a strong portfolio. But what does our "experience" really mean for you?

Hundreds of hours of working closely with our clients, means hours of practicing and perfecting techniques and styles. I means working in hundreds of different environments, each posing unique challenges where were have applied our work in a clean and professional way.
We have seen it all, from design concept to mural installation, so we can effectively manage your project to ensure you get top quality artwork that is made to last.

Professional graffiti artists...

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wall art mural painting at Seacom Johannesburg office smoking area, colorful painting African woman with traditional African clothing
We have grown into an international team of Graffiti artists and Street artists based in South Africa and The Netherlands.
More about our journey in the about section...

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