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About Unity Murals

vibrant wall mural art in lift lobby, company value, innovation, written with icons and a vector female portrait on a colourful backgournd

More about Unity Murals

We have a team in South Africa and a team in The Netherlands.
Mein163 and Anser NineOne head up our Johannesburg (SA) studio with the help of our project coordinator, Jess.
Zesta and Page33 head up the studio in The Hague, Netherlands.
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OUr journey

A brief history of how Unity Murals was created. This is how it went down:

Unity Murals is the amalgamation of three agencies:  Sweetooth Productions, AnserNineOne Designs & (TIA)
Zesta and Page33 began freelancing work before 2005 individually, and in 2011 the two artists began collaborating under the name Sweetooth Productions.
Formalizing a registered company in South Africa, the Sweetooth team built a solid reputation for themselves, and a solid demand for their work. Sweetooth has created artwork and murals for local and international, clients across all industries.
We started producing  work for international clients from as early as 2004, and this is growing organically too. Johannesburg is an incredible place with so much to see and experience, and we want to share this and grow a cultural exchange between Europe and South Africa.
Anser NineOne Designs is street artist Anser NineOne, who specializes in realism and wildstyle among many other things.
He has worked in Berlin too and started painting Graffiti from the age of 12. He uses a variety of mediums including spray paint, airbrush, brush with oils and acrylics and digital illustrations.
(TIA) ThatIsAll headed up by Johannesburg graffiti artist Mein163 best known for his iconic take-away box, he has worked in Scandinavia, Vietnam, North America, Russia as well as Southern Africa, and started painting commercially from 2012. He has produced work for an impressive range of clients globally.
Combining the message of unity with the murals that we paint created an obvious name for our combined efforts as a team of graffiti artists coming together, Unity Murals. Our passion is for creating art and we have learnt how to share this meaningfully.
cool story, but what exactly do you do? 
  • Custom Mural art and live painting
  • Personalized canvas art
  • Digital Illustration and graphic facilitation
  • Team Building graffiti workshops

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Meet the Unity Murals team...


Zesta juxtaposes characters, portraits, scenes and city-scapes with abstracted letter forms and interesting colour play. By doing so he finds a way to balance his passion for graffiti and street art with different styles of characters and portraits, creating harmonious compositions and distinguishable artwork. He specializes in aerosol paint on murals or canvas and digital illustrations.  
He first came across graffiti in 2000. As a visual thinker and self-taught artist, graffiti and street art seemed an obvious fit, which, quickly became an obsession. Demand for his work grew organically into a portfolio of diverse projects and experiences.
His clients include the likes of Deloitte, Saatchi&Saatchi, Vodacom, all of the top 5 banks in South Africa, agencies of all sorts through to entertainment or client facing businesses and events of all sizes. He has created art in front of celebrities like Holly Branson, Thabo Mbeki to name a couple.
He has exhibited his art in South Africa and Europe and has participated in numerous urban art festivals and community or transformation projects in Europe and South Africa, and has contributed to projects awarded Loeiries and Young Directors awards. Such productions include a stop animation for Vodacom and a national mixed media campaign for Peugeot that went across print (Heat Magazine) to billboards in major cities and online. He was born in Johannesburg and is currently based in Europe.

Muur schilderij von straat kunstenaar Zesta

Mein 163

"Chowmein is most well-known for his iconic "chinese take-away" box, brandishing just about every public space in Johannesburg. From grimey street corners to heavenly highway spots, alongside Africa's busiest route, he's left his mark. Executed in spraypaint, his letters and boxes reflect the city landscape on which they sit.
Characterised by straight edges & geometric shapes, Chowmein's letter style is distinctive in that it strives to restructure the letters' shapes. Similarly, the context in which these works exist are also restructured. Drawing influence from Skateboarding culture, Johannesburg city, as well as his people, Chowmein's work seeks to liberate public space and the people that engage with it. He's also done this through engaging in commercial work and has been painting as a commercial artist since 2012.
In 2016, he started his own commercial arts company and has done work for the likes of Hollard Insurance Company, Volkswagen, Marriot's "Fire & Ice" Premier Protea hotel, and Nedbank, to name a few.
He is an active and dedicated artist, engaging with spaces and peers to collaborate in the public regularly. His work can be found in cities across Scandinavia, Vietnam, North America, and Southern Africa. Liberating spaces and structures is an abundant mission, and Chowmein's aim is that his practices reach further." - Jared Pereira, curator at Grayscale Gallery. Johannesburg, South Africa


Pretoria born street artist, Page33 specializes in spray-painted murals. Drawing from her experience in fine art, fashion and dance, she utilizes her knowledge of different mediums, forms of expression and insights from different sides of the table from within the art industry.
Her painting style combines realistic and traditional with interesting line work, often expressing unity or positivity. In 2001 Page had her first taste of painting a mural, but really fell in love with large scale painting in 2011. She has been an artist in every sense since her childhood days. With a degree in fashion design and few years working at Everard Read Gallery, her fascination with urban art and demand for her work lead her to becoming a full time artist, enjoying the emotional and physical requirements of the art form. She now focuses on growing and challenging her creative abilities. Passionate about the impact public art has on the emotions and behavior of those who experience it, she enjoys transforming spaces and colouring the world.
Page33 has worked with high profile clients like Netflix, GHD and Jaguar, as well we private commissioned pieces. Although she has exhibited her artwork in places like Fallen Heroes, Grayscale and on projects like City of Gold, the S-Bend Mural Project, Spark Gallery, Just Writing My Name,Meeting of Styles, her focus has been to do murals around the world. Permanent feature walls that can be seen in many institutions.

Page33 Street Art muur schilderij kunstenaar painting in Teleport Hotel Amsterdam
Queen Maxima painted by street art muur schilderij kunstenaar painted at the Teleport Hotel in The Hague
Street art muur schilderij kunstenaar Page33 wall mural

Anser nineOne

Anser NineOne was born and raised in Johannesburg. He was introduced to graffiti in 2009 at the age of 12. He was brought into the scene by older writers such as Dyner and Riot, and many more along the way.
After completing high school, Anser travelled to Berlin where he was taken on as an apprentice to Lars Oschatz (Laurus).
Here he was taught many techniques for painting large scale murals and highly detailed realism. This is where the airbrush-spray can technique came in, which is a big part of his canvas work.
Here he was involved in projects at both Berlin Zoos, as well as murals all around the city. Anser's use of multiple mediums such as oils, acrylic, markers, airbrush and of course spray paint allows him to be capable of working in many styles and techniques. Often blending these techniques and mediums, creating a unique style and feel to his paintings.
Drawing his inspiration from the city, people, nature, classical art, and just life in general. Anser tries to both combine and contrast his urban graffiti roots with a more classical approach to painting.
Now working as a full time mural artist, as a part of the Unity Murals collective. Anser lives in Johannesburg where he continues to paint graffiti, murals, canvases and commissions by request.

Close up crocodile eye painted by street artist Anser91 from Johannesburg
Berlin wall mural painting by Graffiti Artist from Johannesburg, Anser91
Landscape wall mural painting by Street Artist Anser91 from Johannesburg
Graffiti in Johannesburg painted by street artist Anser91 for City of Gold 2018
Landscape mural painting by Unity Murals Street Artist Anser91


Jess is our project coordinator and client liaison, based in Johannesburg she ensures our schedule stays on track.