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Unity Murals Services

Murals, canvas art, illustration & art workshops.

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Murals, canvas art, illustration & art workshops.

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Wall Murals

Medium and large scale wall mural projects, for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our murals can be added to just about any area but here's a list of the types of environments we have done a lot of work in: 

  • corporate offices and reception areas
  • shop fronts and restaurants
  • new development projects
  • recreation centers and schools
  • sports facilities and gyms
  • clubs and bars
  • waiting rooms and kids murals
  • exterior murals for a business blocks 
  • the list goes on...
See some featured projects here

Canvas Requests

You can also commission us to create your own original artwork, ranging from portraits or landscapes, to graffiti or abstract canvases.

Be sure to check our blog for prints, original canvases and more.

To break it down:

  • Personalised portrait requests of people and animals, ideal for gifts or to commerorate loved ones
  • Custom artworks useful when adding a blast of colour to tie into your decor
  • Caricatures and custom cartoon characters
  • Graffiti canvases for backdrops and photo booths
See our Prints and Artworks here

Digital and traditional illustration

Our illustrations have been used for a variety of different ways.
We tried to list a few:

  • Digital illustration for custom packaging or products.
  • Live illustration for strategy sessions and conferences or summits, in the form of graphic facilitation and recording
  • Illustration for stand out proposals and presentations - avoid "death by powerpoint" 
  • Road maps, in traditional or out-of-the-box styles, and illustrative presentations.  Particularly useful when your organisation has global offices, each speaking different languages ... ever heard the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words", well, wait until you see this in action...

Team building Street Art workshops

Team building graffiti workshops for corporate teams, flexible to suit different groups.

An experience that places your colleagues out of their everyday thinking and creates the perfect atmosphere in which to break the ice, strengthen their relationships and help them to be approachable.

You don't need us to convince you on the value of team cohesion though, so here is a list of what we do:

  • Team building graffiti workshops
  • Graffiti workshops for kids or adults
  • Graphic facilitation for corporate strategy sessions
  • Live paint for events - watch the artwork come to life
Past Graffiti workshops and live painting
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