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Graffiti & Street Art

Koolmees Street Art Tourhuisje in Den Haag

Tourhuisje Valkeboskade 464 painted by Page33 and Zesta.

The Koolmees, Ijsvogel and nature are the main subject matter for this mural, though in addition there are some hidden connections to the area’s history.

The Valkenboskwartier neighbourhood and parts of the adjacent Regentessekwartier and Duinoord neighbourhoods are collectively unofficially

called the “Uitvinderswijk”, because of the many streets that are named after inventors and scientists.The patterns in the leaves show discoverers

such as Columbus, Ohm, Newton, Edison, and Galileo.

These smaller details are often noticed over time. However, they also add value for tour guides, and people doing tours of the city, by creating a

visual aid in the story-telling of The Hague’s heritage, and help connect us with the past.

Gemeente Den Haag / THSA / Steiden
Zesta Online and Page33

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