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Custom Wall Murals

Hire mural artists for your office makeover

These murals we painted for Ruckus Wireless completely transformed their work space. Their Corporate Identity colours are obviously orange and black, and they wanted us to stick to this strictly.

So we kitted the main office space with a fade from light orange at the top of the walls to a darker orange at the bottom of the wall. This was accented with the company logo, which is the barking dog, and trace elements.

The boardrooms received complete landscapes with characters depicting landmarks from the countries that Ruckus Wireless has offices in.

Ruckus Wireless
ZestaOnline and Page33Art
office murals in meeting room and in office space in background
Here you can see another meeting room and more office space in the background. We also painted the orange on all the walls in the office.
london eye and the gherkin orange and black office wall mural decor
picture of unity murals project in plascon spaces magazine
The project is really bold and stood out to the team at Plascon Spaces Magazine, who decided to do a little spread of the office transformation executed for Ruckus Wireless
Plascon Spaces magazine cover


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