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Unity Murals

Wall Art and murals for kids

Painted for a creche in Diepsloot, which is one of Johannesburg's main northern townships.

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Murals for Boys and Girls Youth Africa, Diepsloot Township School in Johannesburg
Unity Murals Artists
wall art mural young boy with cap and you girl with hair in pony tails, jelly beans in the background
The Unity Murals team hooked Boys&GirlsYouthAfrica up with this mural to help advertise their service. BGYA is a creche in Diepsloot which is one of the larger townships in Northern Johannesburg. BGYA runs 4 creche's in total 2 in Diepsloot, 1 in Cosmo City and another in Alexandra. They are also active at the Cosmo City Recreation center, same place that CosmoFM calls home (Cosmo City's dedicated radio station.) There is a sever lack of resources and funding so a bit of colour really goes a long way.


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