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Custom Wall Murals

S-Bend Mural Painters

This was a monumental mural project painted on a 500 meter long wall along one of the busiest and significant roads of Johannesburg.

The City of Johannesburg and the Department of Transport and commissioned the public installation as a tribute to the bus boycotts.

Tribute is also paid to the architecture, people, cultures, noteworthy geographic points as well as the transformation off transport that this part of the road supported over the the development and growth of Johannesburg city. The wall is approximately 3000 square meters in total.

Trinity Sessions asked Mein163 to round up a team of local artists. The list of contributing artists include: Anser91, BreezeYoko, Dredr, Mr. Ekse, FiyaOne, Jestr, Mars, Maja Maljevic, Mein163, Page33, Plank, Sandile Radebe, Vivien Kohler, Zesta.

Numerous workshops were coordinated over 4 months, during the the designs phases, to reach out to the public and make the project as inclusive and engaging as possible.

The Unity Murals team were appointed projects administrators, being responsible for design coordination and material procurement to artist and volunteer management to final snags and sign off.

Duration of the project was over 5 months, and considering the size of the mural, is one of Johannesburg largest public art mural installations.

The City of Johannesburg and the Department of Transport SA
Unity Murals Team
Page33 in front of Anser91's handy work.
A detail of one of Page33's sections of the mural.
A progress shot showing the scale of the mural.
Action shot from one of the murals painted during the design phase. This was also a sample piece for the City of Johannesburg and Department of Transport, in the Tipper Space which has become one of The Trinity Sessions work spaces.


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