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Unity Murals

Street Artist Page33

Detail shot of one of Page 33's portraits from IPAF 2018 in Salt River, Cape Town.

Part of an 85 meter long wall, painted in collaboration with two artists, Spear and Linus, from Belgium.

IPAF SA  is part of IPAF International

IPAF Urban Art Festival 2018
Page33 Art
kaapse klopse street art mural xtreme klopse salt river mural page33
Detail shot a section painted by Page33 on an 85 meter long mural painted for the IPAF urban art festival in Salt river, Cape Town.
One of the members of the Xtreme Klopse from Salt river, dressed up and ready to party. These guys are awesome.
street art mural painting of hands and flamingo
Another detail, the hands painted by Spear, from Belgium, and the flamingo by Zesta
art mural painting close of up of peoples feet in shoes walking
Zesta and Page33 telling a story of heritage and of the youth embracing their culture, walking in each others foot steps.
Photo credits: Count Frodo (Derek Smith).
Detail of a section painted by Street Artist Page 33

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