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Live Painting

Live Street Art painting in The Hague.

UrbaneKunst and Bust's "Truck-in-Truck" is a travelling Street Art / Graffiti Exhibition in 2018 that started in Switzerland and ended at that NDSM in Amsterdam, with 9 stops in different cities along the way. At each pit stop some of the artists from that city are invited to repaint the Trucks that were being driven across Europe. Inside one of the trucks is a pop-up street art exhibition with miniature trucks customized by artists along the way, which was open to visitors at each stop.

Zesta and Page33 were around to get involved at their pit stop in Den Haag, which was hosted by The Hague Street Art.

Art of Bust Truck in Truck moving art expo
ZestaOnline and Page33Art
Zesta and Page33 painted one of the vans in the convoy at the Hague pit stop.

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