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Custom Wall Murals

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ANNA Anti-Kraak manages anti squat properties and asked us to paint a building that they are using for their own functions and meetings in Binckhorstlaan.

The room had particular architectural features that we chose to embrace and allowed to influence our artwork. We used the arches of the roof as the flow of large scale letters in the background, collectively spelling out Haag across the different walls. Significant buildings in The Hague with interesting architecture created setting for portraits embracing aspects of city life.

Page33 painted her 'dancing in the rain' themed portrait caught in action on the back wall, while Zesta painted the saxophone player closer to the entrance of this interesting venue.

ANNA Vastgoed en Kultuur
ZestaOnline and Page33 Art
From this angle you can see that an office separates the two halves of the wall, which we blended seamlessly from a head on point of view, which you see line up as you enter the space. The building overlapping both sections of walls also makes the right side of the letter H, which blends into the city skyline and back into the first A.
On the other side of the room rest the second A housing the musician portrait, representing the nightlife of The Hague.
This area had quite a few recess, doors, wooden blocks and the fire extinguisher attached to the wall, so our design adapted to embrace these features and help blend them into the space. The murals also changes as you walk into the space, as the shapes come into view and line up.


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