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How to do guerilla gardening with Street Art

Unity Murals Team
December 7, 2015
The aim of the project was to transform a neglected park area, which had become nothing more than a patch of sand bordered by surrounding roads.
geurrilla gardening project with people planting trees and flowers and installing art installations
The Cool Capital team created flower beds and planted flowers and plants, and installed a bench, table and swing under the tree, visible in the background here.
people installing art installation geurrilla gardening Page 33
We assisted with 3 art installations to really liven the park up and to help draw people into the re-created space.
people installing art installation geurrilla gardening zesta
The project was dubbed "Urban Ambush"
newspaper article on geurrilla gardening with capital cool and unity murals
Our efforts did not go unnoticed, and we there was a nice shout out in the local papers.
people installating an art installation painted on wood
At the end of the day, we all had a lot of fun, through all the hard work, and the park was completely transformed.

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