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Unity Murals

How to decorate a children's creche with wall murals.

Unity Murals Team
July 18, 2013

We teamed up with Royal Haskoning DHV to help Dorah from Itirele to re-create her pre-school. This was part of an outreach initiative for Mandela Day.

The property was Dorahs government funded house, but she built a separate cottage on the property to live in and turned the house in a children's creche.

We helped create a more interactive space for Dorah to tell stories and entertain the kids. This is a great example of an interactive mural too.

The main areas of the wall were painted with black board paint and we strung chords across this so characters and objects from stories she was telling could be cut out and pegged onto the chords, and slid across to help her illustrate the stories and captivate the children.

We chose the three little pigs, so all the characters and objects you see stuck on the chords above are from that story.

This is Dorah, the owner of the daycare center.

We also painted some signage for the daycare which would be mounted properly after the event.


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