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How street art inspires children at the Inner City Kids Primary School, with Artists4Israel.

November 25, 2016

Artists4Israel is a team of graffiti artists and street artists that provide art relief to communities experience conflict or was here in 2017 to paint a few workshops around South Africa. We decided to help out and paint a mural for Inner City Kids Primary School in JHB with them.

These kids do not experience formal art classes, and they do not get a chance to use art materials very often.

This is why these murals were so inspiring for them.

They got a chance to join in and put their hand prints up in one of the murals. They also learnt about the process of making graffiti and street art during the graffiti workshops.

wall art mural of young girl opening a book with icons coming out like a heart, brain, tree, light bulb, pencil, paintbrush and calculator
Zesta's mural shows a swirl of icons symbolizing future possibilities and positive values, popping out like a genie from a lamp. The mural also symbolize unity and equality.
wall art murals at inner city kids primary school unity murals artist4israel
On the left you can some graffiti by South African artist Mars.


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