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Graffiti Workshops

3DS DASSAULT SYSTEMES team building graffiti workshop at Sun City in South Africa with artists ZestaOnline and Page33

DASSAULT SYSTEMES is a global company producing a range of products and services around the world.

Their teams often have to collaborate with colleagues in other countries, and they wanted to provide a unique experience for these teams that would help strengthen relationships between team members.

All teams from offices across the globe met in South Africa at Sun City for a range of activities from a huge drumming circle to the graffiti workshop.

We painted a rhino sculpture that was organised by BAZ-Art, and after the workshop, the rhino was transported to France to be displayed in the reception.

Workshop facilitated by ZestaOnline and Page33.

3DS Dassault Systemes
ZestaOnline and Page33
unity murals team building graffiti workshop at Sun City with Baz Art, zestaOnline and Page33
drumming circle at sun city with 3ds dassault systemes and baz art
In this action shot of the drumming circle, you can see the white rhino were about to paint in the background.

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